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  • Home Improvement & Home Repair… a Family Tradition since 1952
  • All our work and designs is based on solid building techniques and guidelines that is always up-to-date and mostly beyond standard building codes. We most commonly over-do-it! With Danco Decks & Fences you always get… High Quality, Best Price, Best Value!
  • Free deck, fencing and construction consultation, design assistance and quote.
  • Excellent references
  • Great Warranty & Guarantee for all our home improvements 
  • Dan... "DANCO", is an Owner-Operator, High Quality, Hands on Builder
  •  I do not sub-out... to deck companies and lesser inexperienced deck crews (with bad reputations, slap-it-up attitudes and minimal interest for quality work). We do the work! I do it… Danco Dan does it!
  • Danco Builds your Deck right: To be safe and to last! You’ll be happy with our progress, output and finish product.  Not to worry, we always finish in a more than timely fashion.
  • One truck, one crew, one job at a time... I don’t juggle a dozen jobs at once jumping all over town delaying the finish of your/our project. When I start your job I stay on it, day by day, to the finish, until completed and you are satisfied.
  • Our Decks are not prefab, cookie cutter productions. They are custom! This means, you are involved in the designed process. Changes and additions (per you’re your request), made in the middle of a job do not upset us. We are glad to amend and accommodate your original plans and needs with a smile. With our professional guidance, suggestions and advice you will surely get what you want.
  • Wide range of services. Not only are we a full service deck & Fencing Company, that will build, paint, seal, stain and maintain your purchase. We offer many other home improvement services that one day, you will probably need. Danco wants to serve you for those projects also. 

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Price!... Materials!... Discounts!... Quality!... Craftsmanship!... - Danco can’t be beat! 


  Danco uses “YEllAWOOD®” Brand Lumber (the Guys with the big Cowboy Hats). There is a host of reasons why it is better than other brands. It is has the MCQ pressure treatment process. It is blond in color to begin with, not green. It has improved painting and staining capabilities. YellaWood® brand also boasts improved corrosion characteristics and are approved for contact with aluminum. In addition, they are long-lasting, durable, clean to the touch, have no objectionable odor, and provide protection from rot, fungal decay and termite attack. Outdoor exposure testing shows that products treated with micronized copper (MCQ) preservatives offer superior product benefits compared to other copper-based wood preservatives (ACQ). 

More on LUMBER

 In addition, the only pressure treated ”Deck Framing Lumber” Danco Decks will use on your deck has a “Number #1 Grade Rating” (YellaWood®).

Fact #1 - if you asked us to use number #2 lumber for your deck frame we wouldn’t do it, BECAUSE OUR SUPPLIER ONLY CARRIES "NUMBER ONE GRADE WOOD" FOR THE SAME PRICE as Home Depot and Lowes number two grade prices. 

Fact #2 - the only pressure treated lumber Lowes and Home Depot carries in stock (on the shelves), is number #2 grade. 

Fact #3 – With Lowes, Home Depot and other local suppliers you have to special order number #1 grade, at extra cost. Our supplier only carries Number One Grade Wood

Fact #5 – Most all deck companies and contractors in Atlanta only use number #2 grade wood and in their sale pitch, they will never mention it, because it’s par for the course (everybody does it). We do not use number #2 grade for our deck frames! Danco Decks uses only number #1 grade (MCQ YellaWood®), even though State Building Codes only require the use of number #2 grade. So, when I say, “we often over do it”, this is what I mean.

Fact #6 - All of our heavy framing wood is an also upgraded even more, (Stamped - Rated For Ground Contact), even though it never does touch the ground. Again this is more over-kill Danco Decks does, that other deck companies do not do. I’ll say it again “High Quality, Best Price, Best Value”. More on over doing it, when I talk about nails, next. 

NAILS vs Screws

 Danco Decks Recommends the use of High Quality Nails on your deck, for several reasons, not screws.

#1 Nails are stronger and safer than screws. Screws are brittle! The shear strength of deck nails is more than double that of deck screws. In fact, BY CODE, in California it is now illegal to assemble your deck with Screws. Screwed decks have a much higher collapse rate than nailed decks, in earthquake country (California).

#2 – Nails are more economical. We will screw your deck together if you request it, but you will be charged a labor premium (it is very time consuming), for something that is less substantial and unnecessary.

#3 Nails are galvanized and protected better against corrosion. Screws are painted, which tends to peel and is less effective against corrosion. 


  • The nails we use are “High Quality,, Heavy Duty,, Full Round Head,, Double HOT Dipped,, Galvanized,, Ring Shank Nails”, designed to be the best for any deck application. They are not Electro-Plated Galvanized deck nails (crap), which many deck contractors large and small will use (not telling you), just to save themselves $25. a box. They are disgraceful! And… I’ll say it again “High Quality, Best Price, Best Value”, with Danco Decks & Fences.
  • The same goes for all the Hardware Danco Decks uses. The best! High Quality, Best Price, Best Value!

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