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 Based on the statistics from the CPSC, nationally the number of injuries caused by outdoor decks and porches from 2003 to 2007 was 224,000.Nearly 15 percent of these injuries were a result of a structural failure or collapse.That is over 33,600 hurt by structural failure or collapse. Most all of the deck structural failures were from decks built prior to 2002.

Data was collected using the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System 


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 If your deck is 10 years or older, has been installed with shoddy and questionable construction methods and you are looking to get  an Upgrade, Refurbish, Restoration,  Repair or Reinforcement estimate then, call us* (included). Prior to 2002 many county deck codes in Georgia were sub-standard and unsafe. Many inspectors of that era gave lax approval to many mainstream builders and neighborhood housing developments. You may be a victim of shoddy workmanship, methods and approval that may or may not hold up. Don’t be a statistic. * CALL US! *  


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 The photos shown below are shocking and real. It is a perfect example of what could happen to your deck. Don’t let a law suit ruin your life. Endangerment to you, loved ones and friends is unnecessary. Hospitalization and even worse can be prevented, by giving us a call or clicking here! 

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