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diocese deck Discounts__supports dan's crusade against abort

Now thru Oct 2019 in lieu of my Pro-Life-Wrestling-Crusade to Europe this fall, I'm asking for more deck work and donations to support my personal fight against Infanticide.

You get  10 - 15 - 20 Percent OFF  __AND__  I get to "Wrestle for Life" on Oct, 11th, in Europe

Click below and - Read about my mission

"ADDITIONAL" Diocese Discounts!

October is "RESPECT LIFE" Month! __ Use Danco Deck Service's and "Respect Life" at the same time__ All Parishioners: Aug, Sept, & Oct enjoy DIVINE DISCOUNTS on standard decks (12% OFF, under $10,000.) - (15% OFF, over $10,000) - (18%, over $20,000.),___ ADDITIONALLY, make a Donation/Contribution of $50. and subtract $1.00 (per sq. ft), off your total,___ thus SUPPORTING Dan's "Respect Life Crusade" in in Tbilisi Georgia (old U.S.S.R.), Oct, 11th. __ An awesome deck for you! _and_ A Worldwide Victory for the Pro Life Movement! - Fight Abortion! - Buy a Danco Deck!___Save a life!

Pope Francis


This October, I shall do my my part as  a "Crusader for Christ's Unborn Kids"  and "Wrestle for Life" in Tbilisi Georgia (old USSR).

I will Wrestle like a Lion for the Lambs ~ Daniel Boone Studenic

CLICK this LINK__Contrbuite $50. and recieve an extra $1.00 off (per sq ft) to support Dan's PRO-LIFE WRESTLING MISSION in Europe    Thanks!


My Father with Pope John Paul


Rome - July / 1998

"EXCLUSIVELY" __ "YellaWood lumber" SUPERIOR _ #1 grade

EVERY PIECE! ... of Supportive-Structural-Framing Lumber is "NUMBER ONE GRADE." Danco Decks will not use anything else on your deck project. This is our Trade Mark! Aside from Quality, Value, Savings and Craftsmanship: This premise (#1 grade), is what separates us from ALL OTHER deck builders in Metro Atlanta... ALL OTHERS!


"Number One Grade" - YellaWood - The Foundation of DANCO's reputation for longevity and durability!


For the best Deck Lumber in Atlanta Our supplier of "YellaWood", "ONLY stocks #1"  Grade framing wood (PT), on their racks. DANCO ONLY BUYS & USES, #1 GRADE YellaWood! It is exactly what every customer automatically gets from DANCO, for the same low price as others other builders using "Inferior Number Two Grade." 

IMO - With a Low Standard of Integrity "ALL OTHER BUILDERS" automatically use Lousy-Cheapo #2 grade lumber from the big-lumber-chain-stores.  THEY WON'T EVEN MENTION to you that they are planing to use  #2 grade wood in the quotes or contracts, because its the usual and customary, CHEESY standard way of doing things in the deck construction business. Even though #2 grade barely passes county codes, it is really "CRAPPY" by comparison (pun intended)! .... ASK all deck builders (estimates), WHAT YOUR GETTING? .... TELL THEM YOU "ONLY" WANT, all #1 GRADE, WRITTEN IN THE ESTIMATE and CONTRACT, that they give to you. ....  BE SPECIFIC, telling them all wood! EVERY SINGLE PIECE is to be #1 grade.! .... All 2x4's, 2x6's, 2x8,s, 2x10's, 2x12's. All Frame and rail-posts (4x4's, 4x6's, 6x6's and 8x8's)...  

NOW! .... Compare their "Price / Estimate and Value" equivalent to ours. 


"ALWAYS" Number One Grade (wood)


 Typically wood that is two or more inches thick is graded for strength, denoted by #1, #2 and so on. And because stronger lumber has fewer and smaller knots (NUMBER ONE GRADE), it's also more attractive attractive. So the general rule of thumb for lumber grades is this: the lower the number, the more strength and better appearance.

#1 Grade Lumber- Has smaller and fewer knots- Recommended for applications where high strength, durability and good appearance is desired. #1 is selected from an better portion of the tree (close ring growth), and because of this is less likely to twist, warp and curve many years down the road. 

#2 Grade Lumber- Has more knots, wanes, cupping and movement issues in addition to less strength and some bark edges. It twists, bends and warps more often. - Even though county deck codes allows its usage, why settle for second best in terms of appearance, value, durability and price equivalent pricing?

The take home point here is, why not get the BEST QUALITY AND VALUE for the same low Price as what others will sell you number two grade for! ???

Rated for Ground Contact is a "BIG DEAL!"

By Code: All lower Big Vertical Deck/Ground Posts must be rated for GROUND CONTACT. Most other suppliers and builders will abide this rule ans all tagged ends must state that on the plastic-end-tags. The rest of the wood they use will not say "Ground Contact". It is not required by code. And, they wont use it!

Every piece of wood DANCO uses on your deck project except for 5/4 decking boards (not necessary), will be TAGGED "GROUND CONTACT" in addition to being NUMBER ONE GRADE... All upper portion framing wood also (joist, band-boards, railing rail-posts, stair-cases, etc, 2x6's and 2x4's), will all be rated for GROUND CONTACT. This is rarely heard of  as a deck business practice / perk... Something very seldom seen at other supply houses and very rarely ever used by other builders. They are hush-hush about this perk that Danco automatically gives you for the same low price. They could argue it is not necessary (to increase there profits), but I argue that overkill in durability and all-around life extension mill processes and properties is a good thing especially for lowers prices. 

We go the extra mile for you!

WHY Danco

UNITE FAMILY..... Entertain Friends...

RECONNECT and FIND - "Connections with Christ"... “Peace of Mind”... “Relaxation”... “Moments of Zen”… And, The “Power of Now” with nature, the great outdoors and loved ones … It’s all right out your back door: On a Danco Deck

Increase Property Value & Living Space

Average Nationwide Return on Investment:

  • Deck addition – 77.3%
  • Major kitchen remodel – 59.7%
  • Bathroom remodel – 58.3%
  • New roof – 56.7%
  • Basement Remodel – 70.3%

(REALTOR® Magazine)

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